#NoShameNovember - Ariza

#NoShameNovember - Ariza

Ariza shares with us the moment she realized how empowering self exploration is! Read more to know how she turned what initially felt like shame, into a semblance of power!

I think what a lot of people get wrong about sexual experiences is that you -need- someone to share it with for it to be valid, especially for us women since society thinks it’s not normal for us to have these urges on our own.

After I had my first toy, I had a big change in perspective tbh. It felt weird at first because I used to give sex only to make my partner feel good (I can bet my bottom dollar a lot of women know this!!) and it didn’t even matter if I finished because as long as they felt good, I’m good. So when I learned on my own what my body liked and didn’t like, it just felt great knowing that there are still parts of me I didn’t know about and it’s just so cool?? (See: Sex Education when Aimee discovered masturbation, minus the exaggeration)

After a while, it just all feels normal because it is. It’s actually funny to think that we stigmatize this thing that we all know we like. These urges and these feeling are all normal because sex is a common thing among a lot of living things, and there’s nothing shameful about it.

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