• sex positivity

    We, at frisky, serve self-love realness. We advocate for an open and loving digital space that is accepting of ALL. Through authentic, empowering content that talks sex positivity, let’s strive to strip away longstanding taboo that comes with embracing your own sexuality!

  • self-exploration

    At frisky, we choose to change the game. We continue breaking barriers by transforming “uncomfortable” topics about body exploration, into normalized and necessary table conversations with families and friends. frisky offers a ton of avenues for body self-exploration — be it through friendly yet educational social media digests or fuss-free purchases for your frisky experiences!

  • sexual health

    Here at frisky, we understood the assignment. We drive awareness on sexual health and the various buckets of topics across it such as: safe sex, unsolicited nudes, PCOS, contraceptives, and more. After years of straying away from this type of health education, we wish to showcase how its just as important as any health topic! After all, sexual health very much involves our one and only body, which deserves all our care and nurturing!

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