#NoShameNovember - Kenric

#NoShameNovember - Kenric

As he shares with us his story, Kenric embodies pride as he talks about the importance of taking part in conversations that are centered on sex positivity!
“Why accept this campaign?”

I accept this campaign bc I want get out of the box, bubble wrap, and all duck tape!😝
No, honestly the campaign it self speaks for it NO SHAME NOVEMBER we clearly should not be embarrassed with our pleasures and decisions in life (ofc with respect), you have to own it henny!

I want my audience to know using sex toy is something not to be ashamed at. Not everyone has a partner or even if u have a partner using toys like this will help u guys explore and it’s safe as well. 😉 ofc self love my number one😝

Spreading sex positivity is normal, it should be. If you always limit yourself to do just this, just that girl u have to step up and speak for our siblings out there. Don’t worry about other shinanigans if they really want to work with you full heartedly they will still.

NO SHAME NOVEMBER henny there’s nothing to be ashamed at.
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