#NoShameNovember - Sarell

#NoShameNovember - Sarell

Join Sarell as she takes pride in sharing her advocacy, all in the hopes of inspiring  women to take up space in society today, and others to end the stigma!

Here’s to my first collaboration with a brand that is aligned with my advocacies 🥺💐

This is probably the hardest topic that I’ll be talking about in my Sex Ed Series because, as we all know, Female Masturbation is a taboo topic not just in PH, but around the world.

Self-pleasure taught me how to be confident in my own body and more importantly, it taught me how to overcome my insecurities.

More than anything, it taught me what CONSENT feels like, what it feels like how to say NO without feeling any shame or guilt. It’s about time we #EndtheStigma and it’s about time we, women, take control and power over our bodies. 🤍

If we could integrate masturbation into people’s vision of what normal and natural sexual development looks like, for both men and women, people would probably have much healthier sex lives.
Still have so many things to say, just watch out for my upcoming episode 👀🙈

So with that being said, let’s #EndtheStigma against the use of adult toys and female masturbation 🌸🌺🌷🌹🌻

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