#NoShameNovember - Chiko

#NoShameNovember - Chiko

Chiko unpacks how she found herself during her journey of self exploration! She personifies strength and power, and shares with us how she does exactly that!

Going through puberty and into adulthood, I haven't had the best relationship with the ways of self-pleasuring. I always thought that it was a shameful act especially for a woman like me. We weren't really taught in school that women can do it too, all the lessons about masturbation during Health class was explicitly directed to the boys in the room. As for the girls, we were left in the dark. (Surprise, surprise.)

When I finally started to explore the idea of pleasuring myself I realized that apart from being ashamed to do it, I also was ashamed of my womanhood. I couldn't touch myself because I was not comfortable in my own skin, because we were taught that a woman's body is her husband's alone. Now looking back, I'm happy to say that reclaiming my own rights to my body was without a doubt liberating.

Once you accept that your body is your own, you don't feel the shame anymore. It was only there in the first place because of all the social stigma around the topics of sex. Honestly speaking, I still have a lot to unpack about my body and its pleasures, but I'm happy I get to share this to you guys without an ounce of shame in sight. 🤗💜

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