#NoShameNovember - Dianne

#NoShameNovember - Dianne

This No Shame November, Dianne shares with us the importance of keeping an open mind when you begin exploring your body. It's no easy feat, but it is worth it. 

To be honest, it took me a while to actually be able to do this to myself. Mainly because I didn't find myself sexually attractive at all. I found it so disgusting to even touch myself in places that I thought another person would only be able to make me feel good. Adding the fact that I have grown up in a conservative environment, it was a "taboo" to even talk about sex and masturbation.

As I am now turning 23, I started to become open on exploring my own body's sexual pleasures. I wanted to challenge myself with new things and so I got to try playing with this toy.

It was a WHOLE new different experience for me. It was freeing and liberating to see myself transition from someone afraid to explore my own body to someone who is now open to new possibilities. Through this, I was able to feel the satisfaction that I haven't felt before.

I'm actually surprised by myself that I took this leap but it was something I do not regret. I was able to accept and love my own body in the process and have broadened my perspectives on sex and masturbation.

P.S. Don't be ashamed about sex and masturation because it's normal. It's human nature. Take the time to explore your own needs and hidden pleasures and your body will thank you later!

About Alecxa 2.0
✨ Alecxa 2.0 is a c-spot and nipple sucker that has 10 different modes you can adjust based on your preference. It is 100% safe to use on the body and is very easy to clean! As for me, I use a tissue with alcohol to clean it after each session. It is very convenient to use and travel-friendly too. Lastly, it is waterproof so you can actually use it while taking a bath. (Would have to try that one 👀)

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